Sara's BY 123 SI Webpage

Directions to office hour: FYI 241 C is hidden but the room is big.

Enter EB room 242 (AskIT and Academic Success Center). When you are in that big room, turn right. You see all these rooms with windows. Follow the hallway. When it turns towards the back, turn with it. My room is the one all the way on the end. 

About Me

Hello! I am Sara and I am your SI leader for this term. I like biology and look forward to helping you.

My sessions are Monday and Wednesday from 5-6. On Mondays we will meet in the Humanities Building Room 309. On Wednesdays we will meet in Campbell Hall Room 443. I also hold an office hour from 10-11 on Friday mornings in the Education Building Room 241C.

Worksheets will be posted two weeks after we do them in SI or the weekend before the test. Mock exams will most likely be posted the Friday before. Mock exam answers will not be posted. I encourage the groups to share answers.

Good luck!! Let me know if you have any questions or need help! I am here for you guys.